Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary in King, NC


● It is not the intent of Calvary Baptist Bible College and Seminary to seek secular or Christian accreditation for its programs of study.

● We choose not to submit our college to standards of men who are not of like faith and practice.

● Students should be aware that federally sanctioned accreditation often leads to regulations upon institutions and ecumenical accreditation often leads to compromise.

● Accreditation is not a guarantee of quality in education. It is the duty of God’s people to be guided by Scripture and integrity to work and pray to have the very best in a quality education that pleases God.

● We do not see any biblical basis for accreditation.

● History has proven that accreditation of christian schools has often led to negative results.

State of North Carolina

Degree programs of study offered by Calvary Baptist Bible College and Seminary have been declared by the appropriate state authority exempt from the requirements for licensure, under provisions of North Carolina General Statutes Section (G.S.) 116-15 (d) for exemption from licensure with respect to religious education.  Exemption from licensure is not based upon assessment of program quality under established licensing standards.

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