Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary in King, NC

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TimeClassCourse #CreditsClassroomTeacher 

8:00-9:10Church History IHI 1023132John Morales
8:00-8:50KeyboardingGE 1052129Dustin Beck
9:15-10:35General Epistles IIBI 3043132Rick Eacho
9:15-10:35Policies & Trends in ECEECE 1023129Cheryl Howard
10:40-11:50Personal EvangelismPT 1023132John Morales
10:40-11:50Foundations of ECEECE 1013129Cheryl Howard
12:55-2:05Life of ChristBI 1023132Tony Hart
2:10-3:00Office InternshipGE 2072  

8:00-10:20Microsoft WordGE 2013129Kristian Lane
8:00-10:20Church AdministrationPT 4033132Pastor Broyhill
10:25-11:15Christian Womanhood ICE 1031132Lori Broyhill

 ECE Internship IECE 2053  
Aug 6-10Missions ModuleMI 1012132Pat Gordon

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