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When faced with the constant attacks from the World, the flesh, and the Devil in this ever changing World; many men have sought ways to advance their education in the ministry.  With the pressing responsibilities and time constraints of their current ministry they have been faced with several, almost untenable options.  They could leave their ministry and relocate to a Bible college and enroll full time in seminary to get their Masters degree.  They could  plan use all of their vacation time for the next five years to travel to aseminary and take two modules per year to advance their education.  Or they could search through the plethora of correspondence schools hoping to find one with a quality educational program.    For years these have been the only options.  

Now Calvary Baptist Bible College is offering a better choice.  Throughout our history we have recorded our Seminary modules.  Hundreds of men have taken these classes.  The classes are challenging, the instructors are experienced, and the topics are relevant.  Now we are offering these classes through our Distance Learning program.  Earn your Masters degree without leaving your ministry, on your own time, while watching an experienced instructor teach the course, in a classroom setting!  Men that are considered “Experts” in their fields, with decades of experience, and a lifetime of ministry knowledge will teach you.  Our instructors are men that each of us would love the opportunity to sit with for a time and just glean from their experience and knowledge.  And now, you have that opportunity; without leaving your ministry and you can do it at your pace without sacrificing those precious vacation weeks. 

Pray as you browse our site, seek the Lord’s leading, because we do not want to recruit you to come to Calvary, we want the Lord to lead you here.  And if he does, we will promise you an education that will equip you to better “Take heed unto the flock!”

Our Modules Include:

Dr. Joel Spencer

“First Corinthians”

BI 505 – 3 credit hours

Dr. Roger Baker

“Genesis 1-11”

BI 506 – 3 credit hours

Dr. Joel Spencer

“Pastoral Epistles”

BI 507 – 3 credit hours

James R. Beller

“Our Baptist Heritage”

HI 502 - 3 credit hours

Dr. Jim Binney

“Practical Biblical Counseling”

PT 506 – 3 credit hours

Dr. Clayton Shumpert

“Leadership Development in the Local Church”

PT 509 – 3 credit hours

Dr. Tom Feranda

“Family Counseling”

PT 510 – 3 credit hours


Dr. Ed Pearsons

“Developing and Preaching Through Joel, Amos, and Habakkuk”

BI 508 – 3 credit hours

Dr. Joel Spencer

“Current Trends”

PT 501 – 3 credit hours

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