Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary in King, NC

Financial Information


(per semester unless listed otherwise)

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Full-time student (12-17 semester hours) $1,580  
Cost per hour (over 17 hours)$75  
Cost per hour (less than 12 hours)$125  
Application fee$25  
Registration fee (2 or more classes)$60  
Late Registration fee$25  
Student Service Fee$185 
Technology Fee (dorm student)$75 
Technology Fee (non dorm student) $40 
Graduation fee$100/senior year  
Late Payment fee$10  
Audit—no credit (per course)$125  

Dormitory Fee

Room $1,200 

Graduate Tuition and Fees

Cost per hour $130  
Registration fee (credit)$25  
Application fee$25  
Graduation fee$100/senior year  
Audit—no credit (per course)$90  


Undergraduate $125-$175  

*The cost of books is dependent on the course of study.


All fees, tuition, and dorm cost are to be paid in full upon registration. Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, America Express, and Discover).

Students unable to pay in full will be given a payment plan:

15% of the tuition, plus 100% of all fees and books are due on registration day.

The remaining balance will be divided into three payments which will be due:

  • Fall Semester - Oct. 5, Nov. 5, and Dec. 5
  • Spring Semester - March 5, April 5, and May 5

     (The goal is to pay 100% of what is owed on the due date.)

There will be a $10 late fee charged after the 10th if the full amount for the month is not paid. THE STUDENT MUST PAY AT LEAST 60% OF THE PAYMENT FOR THE MONTH IN ORDER TO CONTINUE ATTENDING CLASSES. If the payment is not made, then the student will not be able to attend classes.

By exam day, students will need to have paid a minimum of 80% of their total bill for the semester in order to take exams. If circumstances warrant a waiver, the student will need to meet and present their case to the College Committee for a decision.

Full-time Student:

Tuition $1,580  
Registration Fee$60  
Student Service Fee$185 
Technology Fee$40 

Due on Registration Day:

15% Tuition $300.75 
Total Fees$285 

Total Due on 

Registration Day $725 


If it becomes necessary for a student to change his schedule, withdraw from a class or from the college during a semester, refunds and adjustments will be made based on the date the college is notified in writing by the student of any withdrawals.

Students who withdraw after the beginning of classes may be eligible for adjustments to their account according to the

following schedule:

Before end of week 1 90%  
Before end of week 280% 
Before end of week 370%  
Before end of week 460%  
Before end of week 540%  
Before end of week 6*20%  

*After six weeks of classes there will be no refund on tuition. There are no refunds on fees.


There are a number of scholarships (based on character and need) available to students.

**Please contact the college office for more details.

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