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Ministry Life

Christian Service is a major part of our college. Each student is required to be involved in the ministry of a local church. A weekly soul winning activity is expected of each student. The student who has no desire to win lost sinners to Christ should not apply for admission if they are not willing to participate in this vital part of the overall educational program.

Students will need to specify one or two particular ministries they will be using as their Christian service per semester. A student may list all they do, but they should do one of the two listed every week.

Students will need to complete their report once every week. For each report missing at the end of the semester, five points will be taken off the studentís practicum grade for the semester. This grade will affect the studentís grade point average, plus the student must also have these practicum credits in order to graduate. A studentís Christian Service notebook must remain in the college office.

Male students must complete the requirements for preaching. Three points will be taken off the semester practicum grade for each time a student falls short of the required number of preach-ing opportunities. Since we were founded as a preacherís school, male students will be required to preach as a part of their practicum grade each semester. The college will help any students needing an opportunity to preach through rest homes, jails, etc. The following is only expected of our male students:

   Freshmen: Preach a minimum of two sermons per semester.

   Sophomores: Preach a minimum of three sermons per semester.

   Juniors: Preach a minimum of four sermons per semester.

   Seniors: Preach a minimum of five sermons per semester.

It will be required that every student go on soul-winning visitation of some kind every week for a minimum of one hour. Each week you fail to do this will count off three (3) points of your final practicum grade. However, there will be two (2) excused weeks per semester. For example, if you turn in reports for six-teen weeks during the semester, you must have been involved in soul-winning visitation at least fourteen weeks so as not to lose points off your semester grade. We realize revival services, sickness, etc. may hinder you from going on visitation.

Christian Services

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Childrenís Ministry

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