Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary in King, NC



The purposes of Calvary Baptist Bible College are:

  • First and foremost, to glorify God in everything we do;
  • To provide the academic and practical aspects necessary for preparing men and women for full-time service to the Lord. To train young men for the Gospel ministry: Training them to preach the Word, and preparing them to serve as pastors, missionaries, youth pastors, evangelists, or other full-time ministries;
  • To train men to accurately handle the Word of God, and to be zealous in the preaching of it, as true servants of our Lord Jesus Christ;
  • To instill in the hearts of our students a love for Christ, His Word, His Church, His people, and the souls of lost people;
  • To prepare students to leave this institution to plant, build, and serve fundamental, independent, separated, soul winning Baptist churches;
  • To develop the devotional life of our students so they can maintain a close walk with the Lord, whom they have been called to serve.


We are committed to the belief that it is vital for experienced pastors, missionaries, and Christian educators to train God’s servants for the ministry. Teaching is much more than dispensing facts; it is pouring one life into another. Each of our faculty members is committed to their endeavor. We will also seek to fill our chapel pulpit with men of God who will inform the mind, stir the heart, and challenge the will from God’s Word. We plan to keep our chapels “hot.” We also believe the spiritual life of a Christian is most important as one prepares himself for service. We stress the importance of both the private and personal aspects of every student’s life. We encourage each student to maintain a close relationship to the Lord through daily prayer and personal Bible study.

We also believe a strong academic program is necessary to properly prepare people for service. We will not only teach the “what” of the ministry, but also the “why” of ministry. The discipline of hard study is vital to a student's preparation.

We are also convinced that no education is complete without practical involvement in a local church. This is a great part of the overall training of a man for the gospel ministry. We emphasize the local church as God’s plan for this age. Our school is therefore a ministry of and under the umbrella of Calvary Baptist Church. Nothing can substitute for the local church. Students already established in local churches in the area are required to be faithful to support their pastors and serve in their own local churches. Other students can avail themselves of the many opportunities of service at Calvary. (approximately eight hundred in Sunday morning attendance) Some of the ministry opportunities at Calvary, but certainly not all include; rest home, jail, bus ministries, and ministries for children, teens, and adults.

Calvary does not accept the philosophy, position, or practice of the National Council of Churches, New Evangelicalism, Hyper-Calvinism, the Charismatic movement, or other aspects of ecumenicalism or neo-evangelicalism.

Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary

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Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary

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