Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary in King, NC


Personal Requirements

  • Each applicant is required to give testimony of personal salvation in Christ, including growth in grace since their conversion.
  • Since we are a preacherís college, we only accept male students into the Bachelor of Theology and Bachelor of Biblical Studies program due to our Biblical convictions
     (I Tim. 2:12-14; 3:1-7).
  • Since we are a Baptist College, students who apply should be in agreement with the doctrinal statement of the college.

High School Requirements

  • Applicants for admission must have graduated from high school or successfully completed the General Education Development Test (GED).
  • Students who graduate from a home school program must submit a transcript of course work completed, showing credits and grades earned, and a date of graduation.

Procedures for Admission

  • Return the completed application with the $25.00 application fee. Make certain all information is complete. If you need an application, please download a copy or call the college to request one (336-983-3728) or write to:

          Calvary Baptist Bible College and Seminary

          Registrarís Office

          536 S. Main St

          King, NC 27021

  • Three personal references are required before any applicant will be accepted. One of these should be your pastor.
  • A written testimony must be submitted with the application giving a brief sketch of your life, salvation, assurance, and direction in life. Be sure to include your desire for future service.
  • Fill out the Student Health Certificate as required by state law (revised August 16, 2011) on registration day.
  • Request an official copy of your final high school transcript to be sent directly to our college address. Students must request any college transcripts from a previous college.

Transfer Students

A student who desires to transfer credits from other institutions of higher education must furnish Calvary with an official transcript from each institution attended. If necessary, the student may be required to furnish Calvary with a current catalog from those institutions. Students who qualify for Veteranís benefits must request transcripts from any previous college attended.

Transfer Credit Policies

Courses acceptable for transfer must be similar in content and quality and considered equivalent to the course at Calvary. The time spent in class for such courses will also be a consideration. Only those credits which carry a minimum grade of C or its equivalent will be transferred. As a rule, correspondence credits are not acceptable for a degree (there are exceptions). If the course credits come from a recognized school and our administration determines that the courses fit our standard of quality at Calvary, credits may be transferred. Each studentís situation will be reviewed individually, yet equitably, to determine transferable credits.

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