Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary in King, NC


Academic Scholarship

Any student who has graduated as the valedictorian or salutatorian of their high school may be able to apply to receive a $400 scholarship to be applied to the first two semesters. At least five graduates in the senior class are required. This scholarship is only for full-time students and is not available for transfer students.

Alumni Scholarship

Calvary Baptist Bible College Alumni Association will provide a $200 yearly scholarship for an upcoming Junior or Senior. The scholarship will provide $100 per semester for a total of $200 during each academic year. This scholarship will be given at graduation.

Evangelistic Scholarship

A $125 tuition scholarship will be awarded each year to either a Junior or a Senior who has best demonstrated active participation in personal evangelism during his first years of college. It will not be required for the college to give this scholarship if no one excels in this area.

Full-Time Ministry Scholarship

This is a $600 tuition scholarship to students whose parents are in full-time ministry. $300 will be applied to each semester that the student is enrolled as long as his parents remain in full-time ministry. Full-time ministry includes, Pastors, Evangelists, and Missionaries. The administration reserves the right to evaluate requests for this scholarship.

George Law Expository Preaching Award Scholarship

This is a $250 tuition scholarship that is awarded to a male student who has completed both homiletics and expository preaching classes and exhibits excellent quality and ability in the area of expository preaching. This scholarship is awarded periodically and is provided in honor of a friend of the college, Pastor George C. Law.

Pastor’s Scholarship

A $200 scholarship is available for any freshman student whose pastor feels is of outstanding character. This scholarship is limited to two students per year from the same church. The $200 will be applied to the first two semesters. A letter from the pastor expressing why he feels the student is worthy of the scholarship is required. It will be awarded at the discretion of the administration.

Recruitment Scholarship

A $400 tuition scholarship is offered to students who are directly responsible for recruiting an individual to CBBC. The recruited student must enroll as a full-time student and complete the semester. This scholarship will be applied to

one semester after the recruit completes one semester.

* Note: Additional scholarships are available to members of Calvary Baptist Church.

* Students may not receive all the scholarships that they qualify for due to limited number of scholarships available.

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