Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary in King, NC

Spiritual Life

We are committed to the spiritual growth of each of our students and dedicated to providing an atmosphere conducive to the development of strong Christian character. Every class begins with prayer.

We have chapel services in which Pastors, Evangelists and Missionaries come to challenge our hearts and stir our souls. We strive to have preachers who represent what we are trying to do in the life of our students. Attendance at chapel is mandatory for all students. A strong chapel gives a proper balance in the midst of academic training.

Church attendance is not optional. All students moving into the area to attend CBBC are required to attend Calvary Baptist Church. Students already living in the area and established in a local church should remain in that local church, working to support their pastor and church. A student attending Calvary Baptist Church may request permission during his Junior or Senior year to work with another local church provided it is a salaried position. The final decision will be at the discretion of the administration. There may be exceptions to the above, at the discretion of the administration.

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Calvary Baptist Bible College & Seminary

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